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The Kayon Valley Resort

A five-star getaway ensconced in the lush heart of Ubud.

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Nestled in the undulating hills of Bali’s central foothills, The Kayon Valley Resort is embraced by an enchanting river and verdant tropical rain forest, bestowing upon this luxurious five-star retreat an air of tranquil beauty. A 10-minute drive from downtown Ubud, the property has been masterfully conceived to blend nature, heritage, and romance into a seamless tapestry. This fusion is evident in its locale, the exquisite Ramayana narrative depicted on a stone wall, and the array of amenities that cater to the aspirations of couples with a passion for exploration.


Comprising 22 pool villas, the resort offers an array of room options tailored for honeymooners and those in search of rejuvenation in a tranquil haven. Each villa showcases the essence of Balinese design, complete with top-tier amenities and opulent facilities.


KePitu Restaurant and Bar presents a multi-tiered dining adventure enriched with a diverse culinary vision. A medley of Western and Balinese delicacies, the menu boasts an array of standout dishes, including the renowned Bebek Kayon. As the sun sets, guests are immersed in an enchanting ambiance accentuated by Balinese performances and melodies that intertwine seamlessly with the gourmet themes. Upstairs, the Flying Leaf rooftop terrace provides a marvel of architecture that elevates dining to a realm of sensory and visual gratification.


The serene Serayu Spa presents a diverse array of offerings, encompassing soothing massages, pedicures and manicures, invigorating yoga sessions, and an assortment of both calming and beautifying rituals. All the products featured are meticulously curated, harnessing the goodness of aromatherapeutic elements sourced from nature’s bounty—a testament to the spa’s commitment to nurturing the body’s well-being with safe and wholesome ingredients.

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