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See Make A Scene’s Woven Art at John Hardy Seminyak

Bali’s most lauded luxe jewelry brand isn’t just known for creating one-of-a-kind pieces; another hallmark is its dedication to celebrating local craftsmanship and like-minded ateliers. John Hardy has now teamed up with studio Make A Scene to mount a special exhibition titled “Changing Perspectives.” Running until December 11, 2023 at the John Hardy Boutique and Gallery, Seminyak, this showcase hones in on the work of Make A Scene’s talented designers and expert weavers based in Mengwi—a district southwest of Ubud.

Expect to see dreamlike handwoven creations with a sustainable outlook, honoring Bali’s rich textile heritage and its patterns, textures, and vibrant colors. Each work of art is rooted in a deep sense of place, incorporating elements of storytelling and theater design. Make A Scene has built up a loyal following by reimagining the ritual arts of the island through a dazzling combination of contemporary and traditional methods. As its name suggests, the exhibition explores the craft of weaving from new points of view, introducing novel ideas and concepts about materiality.

“Changing Perspectives” is an immersive large-scale installation composed of woven leaf cutouts that have been carefully embroidered. Visitors can wander through a make-believe landscape that draws on the magic of everyday scenes in Bali: its famous rice terraces have been represented, alongside banyan, banana, and palm trees painted in hues of the island’s famed sunsets. Also part of the tableau are candi bentar, the distinctive split gates at Balinese Hindu temples, a woman holding an offering for the gods, a child flying a kite, and a dog waiting patiently to be fed—all idyllic snippets of island life.

Art enthusiasts will no doubt be inspired by Make A Scene’s approach to mixed media that is imaginative and inherently playful, highlighting the possibilities of using unconventional materials produced by nature. Founded by Chloe Rose Quinn and Ida Bagus Gede Ari Artana, the studio recently recruited two young weavers, bringing new energy and new ways of thinking to an already gifted team.

“Changing Perspectives” is on show at John Hardy Boutique and Gallery, Seminyak until December 11, 2023; opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

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Nature-inspired detailing on one of the artworks; a colorful depiction of a Balinese dog waiting for food.
Left to right: Nature-inspired detailing on one of the artworks; a colorful depiction of a Balinese dog waiting for food.

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