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Penang Attractions

The Habitat Penang Hill


Penang’s green lung is its heavily wooded hilly interior; a series of rolling 800-meter ridges which cascade down to the west coast and form part of a nearly 12,500-hectare UNESCO Biosphere Reserve encompassing almost half the island. The hill was made popular during colonial days, when Francis Light, the British governor, pushed for a horse track to the summit to farm strawberries. These days it’s a magnet for tourists, who come to escape George Town’s sweltering midday heat and mosey around the small lanes dotted with colonial-era bungalows. Off the beaten path is The Habitat, a parcel of virgin rain forest with a clutch of eco-friendly attractions, including two elevated canopy walks, a café, ziplines, and a 1.6-kilometer interpretive trail. Originally built in the late 19th century as an irrigation route, this meandering byway now introduces the 2,500 species of endemic flora and fauna that live here. The Habitat also offers forest bathing experiences, guided walks, nature seminars, and overnight camping, with proceeds going to conservation efforts. —Leisa Tyler
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The Habitat Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera, Penang, Malaysia