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Bali Nightlife

Kawi Ubud


At the dawn of the pandemic, Bali’s governor legalized the once-notorious spirit, arak, sparking a quiet revolution in local drinking. Kawi Ubud, a Zen space set around a sleek terrazzo island bar with views over a minimalist but inviting garden, showcases island produce, including spirits, with low-key style and creativity. Besides Balinese craft brews and East Indies gin, enjoy palm arak from Tejakula, sweet potato arak from the slopes of Mount Batukaru, and Selaka Ning, a smooth and elegant snake-fruit (salak) arak. There’s a small menu of bar snacks, but cocktails are the star. The Tomat combines palm arak with clarified tomato water, sambal, and lemongrass; the Honje is a long, cool but complex mix of arak, torch ginger brine, and soda; or try the Pisang, a blend of banana-infused arak with vanilla and Fernet-Branca. Theodora Sutcliffe
+62 361 908 6528
Jl. Raya Lungsiakan (opposite Fly Café), Ubud, Bali, Indonesia